Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hosting Drupal in the Cloud

Drupal is am amazing content management software (CMS) enabling you to build your own website very easily. Drupal Hosting can unfortunately be quite cumbersome if you don't know too much about web hosting in general. Luckily enough there is PantheonDrupal Hosting, an all-in-one Drupal cloud hosting platform which will enable you to easily deploy Drupal with experts who are ready to help and to assist you any time. Find out how it work on

Friday, March 29, 2013

Your website hosted for free? Yes, that's possible!

Nowadays every single person, company or even animal has its own website on the internet. Some people may have more than one website, maybe a blog and then a photography website on two different domain names. It is so easy to setup a website that the number of these have simply exploded. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting company where you will store your website's content. The domain name can can bought for a few dollars a year and the price range doesn't vary much among various domain registrars.

With web hosting it is a different story, you can find prices ranging from maybe 2 dollars a month up to 20 dollars a month. This is quite confusing to the novice, especially with all the thousands of options and features. Fact is, that for a simple website it is not worth paying 20 dollars a month, you could just go with the cheapest website and notice no single difference in the quality of the hosting. Now, what if I tell you that you could even get your web hosting for free? Yes, free web hosting really exists and you should definitely give it a try before thinking of spending your money on paid web hosting.

The obvious advantage of free web hosting is that you do not pay a single dollar except of course for your domain name but you could also just use a free sub domain which is often included with the free hosting. Like the normal hosting you will also get access to a control panel enabling you to setup and administer your hosting as you wish. That would be for example the FTP accounts, databases and PHP configuration settings. If there is one disadvantage I would mention is that some free hosters do not include mail accounts but of course you could always use google mail.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oldies but goldies

Do you enjoy listening to old music or maybe watching old movies? I will simply assume a big yes here as everyone sort of enjoys listening to music which reminds them of their youth or watch films which trigger good old memories. As we say, these might be oldies but goldies!

On the iOldies online shop you have the possibility to download old music and songs from the fifties up to the eighties. They have a gigantic collection of around 15 millions of records from the old times available digitally on MP3 or via older media such as the DVD, CD, cassette tape and even vinyl for the analogue sound fans out there.

As an example you will on iOldies popular singers such as Elton John, Michael Jackson, Gareth Brooks, Elvis Presly, Bon Jovi and many many more. For more of the singers every single album is available for download. Besides you can also find old movies available for download. The shop is easy to use and has nice album covers along with their artist to help you recognize immediately your favorite singer or band. In fact the iOldies shop is a must for all the oldies nostalgic people out there.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watch current TV shows for free online

Staying current with a TV show can be a difficult undertaking. Primetime, in-season shows generally air for 30 minutes or an hour, once a week. That's one chance each week to watch the latest episode of your favorite show.

Combine that small window with the increasingly loaded schedule of the average family, and a seemingly simple task like watching television becomes difficult.

This is why, among other reasons, many people are turning to the Internet to watch current TV shows. With a variety of sites streaming current seasons of popular TV shows, it really is an attractive option.

With these sites and an affordable Internet plan, you can watch the top TV shows for an extremely low price. Visit to find examples of the type of Internet plan that works perfectly for streaming TV shows.

If you're interested in switching to the Internet to keep up with your favorite shows, here are a few sites you should look into.

Hulu – Hulu is great for a few reasons: a wide variety of shows, high-quality video, and lots of bonus content, just to name a few. The one caveat is that once you get more than a few episodes behind, you need a Hulu Plus subscription to view the older episodes.

Network Websites – CBS, ABC, and NBC often have full episodes of current shows available directly on their Websites. Don't count on catching up on an entire season, but you should be safe to catch a few episodes here and there. And, of course, they're all free. – Sometimes Sidereel is hit or miss with finding quality streams of the episodes you want. However, once you do find some quality links, it's a great way to catch up on a large quantity of episodes. If your favorite show is halfway through its season, Hulu won't let you watch every episode. It's quite possible you will find every episode on Sidereel, though.

Project Free TV – Okay, this is where we start getting a little less legitimate. It's included here as a choice because you can't deny the large quantity of available shows and movies. Just be wary of popups.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The future of online shopping

A new and more modern way of shopping online such as DealDash is starting to emerge. One can actually see it as the fusion of auction websites like eBay and online shopping platforms like Amazon. The outcome is a auction shopping platform which allows to bid on new products. It is an interesting concept as it you are good at auction bidding you have the opportunity to shop online for cheap. Of course the famous "Buy It Now" button is not missing so that you can still bypass the bidding if you are really interested by a specific item. Carolie Watkins, who already won 95 auctions on Deal Dash, explains very well in her interview the advantages of this modern way for online shopping. For instance, Carolie won a new Amazon Kindle for $0.07 on DealDash, can you believe it?

Friday, July 13, 2012

An email marketing primer

In this concise email marketing primer, I will explain what this specialized field of internet marketing is all about and its different types.

Let's first start with the definition: email marketing is the direct marketing of a commercial message in most cases to a group of people or to a particular person using today's electronic mail as media.

Generally email marketing is used to send advertisements, solicit business sales or donations. For that purpose the marketers employ their current customer listings from their own database or acquire customer listings from third parties. The goal of email marketing is to enhance or refresh the current relationship between the merchant and its customer in order to get a new deal and in a broader sense to earn the customer's loyalty. For new customers it is clear that the purpose is here to acquire these new customers.

There are three different types of email marketing. First of all, there are email newsletters which are are sent on a regular basis to customers who have prior subscribed for this. Transaction emails are sent on a specific action or even triggered by the customer, for example when purchasing on-line. Finally, direct emails are used for communicating promotional messages.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Next generation augmented reality glasses

Have you already heard about the new kind of high-tech glasses which is currently being prototype by the company being mostly known for its search engine? Yes, you are right that's the new google glasses we are speaking about here.
Since the invention of the glasses back in the 11th century there has not been much progress in terms of technology and what glasses are actually capable of. Maybe one of the most notable revolution is the apparition of lenses, which made life easier for a lot of people. But now imagine you are wearing a pair of augmented reality glasses which has a small translucent video screen on one of its corners and is permanently connected to the internet. Imagine these glasses would be able to take pictures, check the local weather forecast, show you text messages and other alerts, bring up the a map so you never get lost again and finally give you real-time information on your friend's location. No, you are not dreaming all these fancy attributes and maybe even more are currently being prototyped. It even looks like we will be able to see a first pair of such stylish glasses appear on the market in the next few years already. Check out the Emerging Technology Info Graphic below to convince yourself.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Are mobile phones going to replace watches?

It seems like mobile phones or in general any other kind of small portable and modern electronic device are starting to replace the need of wearing a traditional wrist watch. Maybe some of you don't even remember the feeling of wearing a watch... A watch is a fine piece of extreme precision mechanics very often built manually by real humans and can be worn with proud. Can a cell phone really replace this? I would definitely answer no to this question. For instance how annoying is it to always have to grab your phone out of your pocket or bag just to find out what time it is. In fact by doing that exact task you loose time. A real no go for time maniacs who have the habit of looking up the time every five minutes. Not forgetting to mention that your mobile phone might run out of battery especially if it is already two to three years old. A watch will never let you down as a good one is known to be reliable.
So to sum up a watch like the Michael Kors Watches is something special, maybe it was a gift from a special person, maybe it belong to someone of your near family or you simply love the mechanics inside which make it tic.